Health Care


Humanoid robot featured with AI powered social interaction and facial recognition. It has the ability to remember the patient’s face on their second visit and help them on their inquiries or purpose of visit. It also assist the inflight patients to the corresponding rooms or labs.


Web Manager allows the hospital admin to access key information that are gathered by the AI Engine such as visiting duration by patients and their symptoms which is used to study and predict the estimated waiting time. The AI Engine alerts the doctors incase patient visit is longer than anticipated. It also alerts the admin to close walk-in patients by estimating the doctor’s operating hours.

Mobile app

Mobile application for patients which is integrated with the AI Engine. It provides live data of the OPD floor in estimating delay and amendment access to reduce the gridlock. This helps to track inbound patients and estimate the arrival times. Automated Notification alerts to patient about their appointment and amend prior in case of miss or to be on schedule.


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